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Custom Boat Design

Mag Design has been involved with aluminum boat design for over 10 years, ranging from 10' light pleasure boats to 40' heavy haul crafts. We can assist with design, jigs and fixtures, production assembly techniques, prototyping, certifications, and even produce finished vessels.

Key Benefits
     3D CAD design allows for accurate, repeatable parts and assembly.
     Experience with riveted, bonded, and  welded construction methods.
     Custom design a boat to meet your needs. 


Flexible Design
 We can design boats from 10' to 40' in length in materials ranging from .080" to 1/4" thick, in many different styles and price points. 
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
 Our boats are all design as 3D solid models that allow the component parts to be manufactured on CNC lasers or CNC router equipment, accurate to +-0.005"
Fixture and Jig Design
 Our fixtures and jigs are designed around the 3D models, ensuring accurate fit, and fast production.
Prototype and Production
 We can handle all stages of the process, from design to production. We can deliver a single prototype, a small prototype run, or continued production of finished or semi finished boats.

Reference Accounts

24' Open Water Commercial Fishing Vessel

34' and 40' York Boat

10' - 20' Light Pleasure Craft 


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