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Product Design and Development

     We utilize two of the most popular 3D solid modeling packages on the market, SolidWorks and SolidEdge.

Key Benefits
     See your design in a 3 dimensional environment without building an actual prototype.
     Check for fit and functionality before parts are made.
     3D files can be sent for rapid prototyping via electronic transfer protocol. Prototype parts can be delivered in house in a matter of days.


Flexible labour allocation
     Our CAD designers can work on site, at your office, or from our office. Part time or full time .
Experienced operators 
     Our CAD designers each have 25+ years design experience. 
Finite Element Analysis Services
     Using the FEA simulator built into SolidWorks we can verify design and materials before prototyping begins

Engineering and Design Experience

Structural Design Projects

  • 100 ft Aluminum Fertilizer Broadcasting Booms - Designed, fabricated, & tested
  • 1.5 Million Gallon Fluid Storage Tank - Designed & supervised installation
  • Gravel Trailers & Liquid Transporters
  • 50 ft Steel Bridge
  • 40 ft Aluminum Boats
  • 20 ft Aluminum Fishing Boats

Mechanical Design Projects

  • Automatic Malting Unit - Redesigned cabinet and power train
  • 30 & 15 Ton Log Splitters - Designed, fabricated & tested
  • 2 Ton Automated Laboratory Press - Designed & fabricated
  • Pneumatic Blower Assemblies
  • Vacuum Harvesting Cranberry Machines

Hydraulic System Design

  • Portable Hydraulic Power Pack - Designed, fabricated & Tested
  • Hydraulic 4-Wheel Drive Tractor - Designed, fabricated & tested
  • Hydrostatic Drive Track Vehicle

Electrical Drive Systems

  • Electric Powered Fruit Harvester - Designed, fabricated & tested
  • Electric Powered Vineyard Shredder
  • Electrically Powered Extrusion Press - Designed & fabricated


  • Air Vacuum Fruit Harvester - Designed, fabricated & tested
  • Low Pressure Fan Rotors - Designed, fabricated & tested
  • Fertilizer & Grain Pneumatic Conveyors - Designed
  • Air Seeder Distribution Systems - Designed & fabricated


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