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   Design Objective:

To design, build and install pedestrian bridges with a 40 foot, and a 50 foot clear span near Wascana Lake in Regina, Saskatchewan.


This bridge is constructed from square and rectangular HSS, with the exception of round tubes for the guard rails. The wood handrails have been milled from 4 x 12 Cedar stock to a finished dimension of 2.5" X 11.5", adding to the bridge's architectural lines.

At left is the bridge in the early stages of construction.

  The final step is attaching the timber decking and cedar handrails. The tops of the handrails were planed slightly to conform with the bridge camber.
   The bridge is loaded and ready for it's trip to Regina.
   Arrival in Wascana park in Regina. A perfect day for installation.
   The total installation takes less than a day, proving that attention to detail during the design phase can cut site costs.
   Picture Perfect


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