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Design Objective:

To design a new water delivery boom for a local horse racing track. The boom requirements were to be lighter, and extend twice the distance of the existing system.


A self-supporting aluminum boom that is compact when folded and is hydraulically controlled. It consists of two 23 foot sections (with a total weight of approx. 650 pounds), each capable of spraying water separately, or together. A third rigid pipe attached to the truck's rear chassis compliments the boom, and when activated, allows for a full 56 feet of continuous spray.

Performance Specifications

Water Pump: Monarch NH5M12P cast steel pump, 6" suction and 5" discharge. Rated 1000 gallons/min. at 100 pounds/sq. in.

Water Valves: Cla-Val cast iron 3" diaphragm valves. Air actuated on/off from truck cab. One valve for each section for independent flow control of rear section, first boom or second boom section.

Water Pump Drive: Sundstrand series 22 piston motor; axial mounted to the water pump casting.

Variable Speed Hydraulic Pump: Sundstrand 23 variable displacement pump. On/off control and rpm control in cab. Pump driven off truck transmission via Spicer drive shaft.

Boom Construction: Boom sections are of welded aluminum construction. Boom fold points are of welded steel. This light boom is counter balanced at the rear frame to minimize side torque on the truck chassis.

Boom Fold: Two section boom folds in against left side of truck. Boom can be operated with the second section folded against the first section. Water spray can be activated in both or either section. Rear boom section is stationary mounted and is independently activated for water spray.

Boom Tilt: Hydraulic tilt cylinder mounted at rear to swing and hold the fully extended boom up to clear track rails and other objects. Tilt is activated from truck cab.

Water Spray: water spray through boom lower tube with spray holes at 6" spacing. Spray volume controlled by pump speed adjustment in truck cab. Pump speed monitored by a digital readout in truck cab.

Boom Assembly Mount: Welded steel structure bolted to truck chassis rails at rear of truck. Water pump and water valves are located in this structure. Boom counter weight balance box mounted on right side of the structure.


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